With Praktiker’s chosen focus solely on Facebook, we studied the stats, devised a strategy & put our plan into place. Developing the brand’s awareness & engagement with women turned into a winning strategy.

We posted imaginative DIY content to Facebook, expanded it to the Praktiker blog, & then flooded both platforms with well-timed tips & tricks that this influential target group really loved. Fresh engagement with these new customers drove traffic directly to the web shop!

Soon, we expanded Praktiker to YouTube with an original easy-DIY-focused webseries called Műhelytitkok featuring our very own influencer, Dori, who has turned into a very handy, creative & powerful expert right before our eyes.

Instagram was next with album after album of beautiful, artistic & inspiring images. Praktiker was now an Insta hit.

So what was our secret?

Introducing an untapped audience to the pleasure of Praktiker by expanding Praktiker’s social media presence to the blogosphere, YouTube & Instagram.  Conversion to the webshop is exactly what Praktiker needed!

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