What the heck is that?

1st Pedelec Parádé was designed to be the biggest electric bike event in Hungary as a way to introduce this awesome tech to the general public.

We added our own innovation to the occasion by making it the first event of its kind promoted exclusively on social media.

You might say we took the road less traveled… because we had to.

The challenge for Be Social was to reach the proposed goal of 500 CRM subscribers, equaling 500 visitors over the 2-day event, and to generate sales of 2 e-bikes. This may seem like the easiest goal in the whole world, but considering that the price of a single Pedelec e-bike is over 1,000,000 Hungarian forints, & we could only promote the event using Facebook, Google Ads and newsletters, we had a huge task in front of us.

This is how we did it


Free Giveaways: all subscribers received a coupon entering them into a contest to win one of several prizes. The catch? Each person had to be present at the event to pick up the coupon. And… they had to stay at the event where the drawing & winners would be announced.


Collecting Clicks: we made a niche minisite exclusive to the event with all the details – important logistics, coupon rules & those awesome prizes. More importantly, this minisite promoted all the influential brands taking part in the parade.


Facebook Event: frequent posts & timely countdowns helped sustain excitement both online, & subsequently through word of mouth, to this premiere event. Talk about FOMO!


Click-To-Website Adverts: specific optimization through Google & Facebook, which focused specifically on the target audience capable of spending all that money on an e-bike.


Content: regular, well-timed & effective communication on Facebook featuring stories, pictures & updates about the exhibitor brands (the trendiest restaurants for food & drinks) & news about the event (the hottest DJ will keep the music going). Luckily, we had so many partners to talk about!


Influencer Promoter: Handrás experienced the new e-bike, made an entertaining test video, & did a great job promoting the event.

So how did we do?

Check out the numbers!

Facebook reach


YouTube video hits views with Handrás 
in the first 2 days


Google Ads reach


Site visitors






Bicycles sold


Yes. We did.

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